Beach and Golf Vacation Deals

Don’t book your trip just anywhere when looking for golf vacations in Myrtle Beach… Coastal Golfaway has been reserving golf vacations since 1986, and we deliver to our clients year after year.  We are able to offer the top golf vacations Myrtle Beach has available to you and your group! All of our consultants understand the region and are familiar with the greatest courses and resorts designed to help make your trip one of the most memorable to date.


Spotting the Best Golf Deals in Myrtle Beach


Considering the amazing shorelines, lush greenery and award-winning golf courses; your variety of courses with one of our golf vacations in Myrtle Beach is excellent! Adding a bit history to your visit, several of the golf courses are developed on previous plantations that have been transformed into prominent locations to play golf. We have the relationships with all of the courses to help you get the best deals on Golf in Myrtle Beach each and every time.  Contact our specialists right away for a custom quote and to learn about how we can help you create an ideal golfing vacation.


Beach Vacation Deals & Golf

Whether planning for a couple, group or family, we at Coastal Golfaway design Myrtle Beach golf vacations around you, our customer, and our most important client. By providing us with the specs of your golf trip, we will modify your getaway to keep the whole group happy. We will research the best group deals on golf that many of the Grand Strand courses make available. We offer affordable custom golf packages in order to make your golf vacations in Myrtle Beach stress free! Take advantage of our industry experts who aren’t just informed about the best courses, they are experienced.  You don’t work at Coastal Golfaway because you love the beach.  You work at Coastal because you love golf.  Call one of our golf lovers today and reserve your beach and golf vacation deal in Myrtle Beach.  We got you covered!