Women Friendly Golf

If you know golf, you know that there are over a hundred golf courses along the Grand Strand and that most, if not all were designed to challenge men. However, more and more women are playing the game these days and they have become a very vital part of the sport. A lot of courses along the Grand Strand have recognized this and have made some changes to embrace this important part of the market.

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We all know that there have always been lady tee boxes and ladies restrooms with tasteful decor. But, some clubs have gone a little further, adding other amenities such as a women’s locker room in the clubhouse as well as providing women’s golf equipment and apparel in their pro shop’s. Some clubs even feature a women’s golf league and host social and competitive golf events for the ladies as well.

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If you’re considering a golf getaway to the beach, please ask our golf specialists about the women friendly golf courses along the Grand Strand. There is an outstanding variety of facilities that feature all the amenities that you are accustomed to as well as providing you with beautifully designed golf courses that offer a nice and challenging round.

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In addition to fabulous golf, Myrtle Beach has a lot more to offer. Once the sun sets, the colorful lights come on and Myrtle Beach transforms into a vibrant hub of fabulous nightlife and festivities. The Grand Strand offers live shows, a wide variety of elegant dining options and shopping that seems almost endless. So, give us a call at 800-368-0045 and let us help you with your booking process.

Price vs Product

Are you one of those golfers that is a little leary of playing a quality golf course because of the price? It goes without saying that most of us have to watch our wallets these days. However, there is a lot more to life than working hard and focusing on trying to save a buck! Every once in a while one should be able to throw caution to the wind and spend a little more to enjoy the full experience of a first class golf course facility.
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A good way to figure out whether the greens fee is justifiable is:
1) See if the course(s) you wish to play are consistently listed by several notable golf writers as some of the top rated courses in Myrtle Beach.
2) Divide the price by the 18 holes so you have the cost per hole.
3) Finally, take into account the other amenities, such as: driving range, practice putting green, chipping area and whether there is a restaurant / bar.

Pawleys PlantThere’s a lot of truth in the old saying that “you get what you pay for”, so to get more you need to spend more. However, there is yet another way to play the high end facilities in Myrtle Beach without it costing you an arm and a leg, talk to one of our golf specialist. It’s really simple, they know when to book these premier golf courses and if you are flexible with your travel dates and tee times, you can play these beauties for a very, very reasonable rate.


Moorland 2014 Myrtle Beach Golf Course Of The Year

The Moorland golf course at Legends Golf Resort has been recognized as the 2014 Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the year. This prestigious award is highly regarded in the industry and could not have gone to a more deserving facility. From arrival to departure, you will feel at home at Legends Golf Resort and you will be treated with outstanding southern hospitality.

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A stout par 72 P.B. Dye masterpiece, Moorland has received its fair share of harsh criticism for Dye’s broad use of mounding, penal pot bunkers and water hazards. There are a ton of blind shots at Moorland and Dye’s uncanny ability in golf design is very evident, this course will raise your game to dizzy heights and then bring you to your knees in a heartbeat.

Moorland aerial

Rumored to be one of the greatest challenges in Myrtle Beach, Dye’s extraordinary use of undulations and bulkheads on and around the greens is remarkable and playing to the center of the putting surface is absolutely key. It won’t hurt to have “lady luck” on your side because you’re going to need a few fortunate bounces when you take on this beauty.

Moorland green

Once you play the driveable 245 yard par-4 16th, you will see why the large bunker guarding the green is appropriately named “Hell’s Half Acre.” To sum it up, Moorland is very special and requires imagination, critical thinking and quite a few good breaks. Please be sure to ask your golf specialist about our Legends Special.

Big Hole Golf Anyone?

A lot has been written over the years about the steady decline of golf as a recreational sport. The first culprit being the time that it takes to play a round of golf. If you add up the time it takes to get to the course, hit a small bucket of balls, have a few warm up putts, then play eighteen holes and make the trek home, you’ve probably burned five to six hours!


The bulk of this time is obviously spent on the golf course, eighteen holes will take roughly four and a half hours to play. If you break down your round by strokes played, you will find that most of your strokes come from, on and around the green. The average golfer can reach the green or somewhere close to it in regulation but then takes just as many more strokes to get the ball in the hole.

So this brings us to the second issue, sometimes its just simply too hard to get our little white dimpled friend to go into the doggone hole. Enter the group Hack Golf, whose tagline is “How Do We Make Golf More Fun For Everyone?”. Hack Golf is trying innovative ways to make golf easier. Their website is gathering input that will help make golf easier to play, more time efficient and a lot more fun.

Hack Golf’s new idea – is the 15-inch golf hole. The current size of a standard golf hole is 4 ¼ inches wide. This revolutionary idea will help to end those wicked three putt greens and at the same time increase ones chances of “chipping in” or “holing out”, increasing the number of birdies, eagles and of course, holes in one. The result, more of the “fun factor” and a lot less frustration.


Following the Masters earlier this year, Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose headlined a field that tried the new concept at Georgia’s Reynolds Plantation. They played 9-holes, with Garcia shooting 30 and Rose 33. Recently Hack Golf debuted the new 15-inch holes at Southern California’s Pauma Valley CC and reported a 45 minute reduction over 18 holes and many golfers saw a 10-stroke improvement in scores.

Hack Golf is currently introducing golf courses to the program and having them test the idea, using 15-inch-cups complete with special flags and flagsticks. Some courses will experiment with weekend tournaments and fundraisers, while other courses may provide both a regulation and 15-inch hole on each green at all times. Whether it’s a 15-inch-cup or another idea, something needs to change.


So, if you happen to come across a facility that is offering “big hole golf”, don’t be a prude, give it a whirl, who knows you may very well enjoy the experience. After all, something has to change to get the next generation taking to the links and playing this outstanding game that has brought so many of us so much enjoyment. If you’re up for it just google “big hole golf” to find a facility near you.

Myrtle Beach #1 Golf Vacation Destination

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Along with more than 60 miles of breathtaking beaches, an unparalleled variety of entertainment and nightlife,  shopping to suit any taste or budget and an amazing choice of restaurants, Myrtle Beach still remains one of the most sought after golf vacation destinations.

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For many visitors to the Grand Strand, it is no secret that golf is still the primary reason why they make the annual trek to the beach. However, with over a hundred championship golf courses to choose from, deciding where to play and stay could be a daunting task.


Fear not though, because this is where our golf specialists come into the picture. The folks at Coastal Golfaway have many years of experience under their belts and have extensive knowledge of the area’s golf courses and accommodations.

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All it takes is one phone call or a short email and our golf specialists will respond with a quote that will best suit your budget. So if you’re looking for quality, comfort, affordability and easy accessibility, Myrtle Beach is the place to be.

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Call 800-368-0045 or email info@coastalgolfaway.com today. You’ll get all the help you need to play some of the finest golf courses on the planet and enjoy the natural beauty, perfect fall weather and tons of good ol’ southern hospitality that Myrtle Beach has to offer.


Relaxed Rules

Stats show that golf is declining and has been for some time now. Everyone, from the legends in the sport to the weekend hacker know that the biggest issue in golf is how long it takes to complete a round. Gone are the days when it was equipment to blame and green fees. There have been several initiatives to speed up the game including a strong effort to promote 9 hole rounds.

The latest attempt is “relaxed rules” for golf? The Golf Channel debuted a series designed to help make golf more attractive and put the fun back in it. Hosts Charlie Rymer and Matt Ginella are the leading voices of the new Relaxed Rules series that breaks golf down to just seven basic rules. Golf Channel did a research study and showed that 85 percent of golfers are in favor of relaxed rules for recreational play.

Take a look at the seven rules below and then think back to your last recreational round with your mates, then ask yourself a few questions. Were any of these “relaxed rules” used? If so did it speed up play, make the round flow more, was it more competitive or more enjoyable? If you never used any of these “relaxed rules” could you have and more importantly, if you did would it have made a huge difference?

These are the seven rules:
1. MAXIMUM SCORE: Double par (i.e. 6 on par 3s, 8 on par 4s….)
2. PENALTIES: All are 1 stroke including out of bounds, water and lateral hazards, lost ball and unplayable lie. Drop a ball near where the original was lost and play on.
3. SEARCH TIME: Two minutes to look for your ball. If lost, proceed under Rule 2.
4. UNFORTUNATE LIES: With your playing partners’ consent, balls may be dropped out of divots or footprints, away from tree roots and any other dangerous lies.
5. CONCEDED PUTTS: Putts may be conceded with your playing partners’ consent.
6. EQUIPMENT: No restrictions, including number of clubs.
7. COMMON SENSE: When in doubt, use common sense and fairness.
The relaxed rules are being supported by Golf Channel on air, online and through social media.

Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach

Why play golf in Myrtle Beach this fall? The answer is pretty simple… the weather! The average temperature in the fall in Myrtle Beach is in the seventies with humidity levels around fifty percent. This makes for a pleasant outing on the golf course during the day and perfectly cool evenings for a stroll along the shoreline.

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Most, if not all of the Grand Strand golf courses will be in pristine shape. During the summer, extreme temperatures can add stress to putting surfaces. However, during the fall warm days are complimented by cooler evenings, allowing for good growth and no stress at all.

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If you can get your group to commit early, go ahead and book your trip so you can lock in preferred tee times and also take advantage of some “fall specials”. In addition to outstanding golf, some of these specials include a fabulous variety of “add ons” from free nights to free rounds, food, drinks and gift cards!

Click on the links below for examples of what is being currently offered in Myrtle Beach;

Legends Resort Pay 3, Get 4

Free Night, Breakfast, Prime Time Rewards

Barefoot Resort Free Round

On the entertainment front; restaurants, sports bars and live shows will not be quite as busy in the fall. An added bonus is that you can expect to find premium seating when you venture out to a local pub to catch one of the many games on the flat screen.

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Please be sure to visit our “Hottest Deals” page and take a look at all of the other specials that are featured. If you have any questions about a particular special or would prefer a customized package, don’t hesitate to contact one of our golf specialists, our goal at Coastal Golfaway is to make your golf vacay a memorable one!!!

White Sandy Shores

Once you’ve put the golf clubs away for the day, freshen up and take a drive down to the oceanfront. Myrtle Beach features 60-miles of beautiful white sandy shores that provide the ultimate entrance to the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. Whether you take a dip, kick back and relax on the beach or take a nice slow walk along the shoreline, the choice is simply yours!

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Besides the fabulous sights and sounds along the grand strand, there is also an amazing variety of bars and restaurants that cater to beach goers. Some of these fine eateries are located right along the ocean and you can enjoy the smell of the sea air and the sound of crashing waves as you sip on your favorite beverage.

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Beach goers are also fortunate in that the variety of cuisine offered at these fine establishments seems endless, you will definitely find something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Also, don’t forget to check out the “Happy Hour” specials, this allows you to try a selection of food and drinks at an incredible price.

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Little River – Eateries

Little River is a charming seaside village just north of Myrtle Beach and is home to some of the best seafood restaurants on the planet. If you enjoy dining outdoors, then welcome to paradise. Here are two dining establishments that we recommend and frequent whenever the opportunity arises.

Fibbers on the Water is located along the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway and provides a very relaxing environment for one to sit back and enjoy an ice cold beverage after your round. Guests can look forward to a friendly and welcoming staff and a variety of delicious menu items in a clean, smoke free pub style atmosphere.


Their dinner menu features something for everyone including fresh local grouper and North Atlantic Salmon thats fresh and chock full of flavor. Among their many other local favorites are the seafood pot pie, shepherd’s pie and the finest fish and chips this side of the pond.

The lunch menu features their award winning she-crab soup, a variety of delicious burgers, including their specialty – the shrimp burger. There is also a fine choice of sandwiches and a selection of freshly prepared salads. Fibbers is open every day for lunch and dinner.

Another really good restaurant on the Intracoastal Waterway is Crab Catchers, a local favorite since 1996 that has catered to locals and tourists alike with their friendly, laid back atmosphere. At Crab Catchers they offer an extensive menu with appetizers, steamed plates, sandwiches and dinners.

crab catchers w:front

Crab Catchers’ seafood is prepared fresh and made to order. Appetizers include; calamari, mini crab cakes, gator bites and conch fritters…the list goes on and on. Steamed plates include; steamed shrimp, Alaskan king crab Legs and steamed clams to mention a few.

An amazing variety of sandwiches are also available and include; cheeseburgers, pork, ribeye and fish tacos. The portions served are more than satisfying and the beverages are always chilled and refreshing. Any sandwich item can be served as a wrap or without bread and you can add a side.

Their dinner menu features a delicious variety of food. If you’re a steak lover, they serve an amazing eight ounce “baseball cut” sirloin steak, a seafood platter which includes the catch of the day, grouper, fried shrimp, crab cake and deviled crab. All dinner items are served with coleslaw, hush puppies and a choice of another side.

The grouper special is really special, its a fresh deep fried grouper that’s topped with a mouth watering onion and cheese sauce, you may want to add a side of their famous deep fried corn…deliciously messy! Make sure you save room for dessert as they have a very nice selection of delicious homemade pies.

These two restaurants will compliment any golf package and are well worth a visit. Both Fibbers and Crab Catchers feature indoor seating as well as outdoor seating that provides an amazing view of the Intracoastal Waterway. So, if you’re looking to relax and discuss the days round these two eateries are just the place.

The Brunswick Isles Golf Trail

Looking for somewhere new to play this spring or summer? How about checking out The Brunswick Isles Golf Trail. This stretch of fabulous golf courses  straddles the border of North and South Carolina and is loaded with 360 holes of pure fun and technical challenge. Over the years, award after award have been heaped upon the Trail’s courses, from “Best New Course in America” to four-star ratings in “Places To Play.” Three of Golf Magazine’s  “Top 20 Courses In South Carolina” are part of the new Trail, as are five of Golf Magazine’s “Top 20 Courses In North Carolina.” And, Golf Digest’s list of “America’s Top 100 Greatest Public Courses” includes three of the Trail’s courses.

Cape Fear National crop

The Brunswick Isles Golf Trail was established in the summer of 2008, combining 18 stunning golf courses with a wonderful variety of accommodations that are close by to create a golf experience unlike any other on the planet. The Trail stretches 60 miles from Leland, NC to North Myrtle Beach, SC winding its way through the unspoiled coastal area known as the Brunswick Islands. Along the Trail, the courses are in such close proximity that golfers can easily play two or more different courses within a day. In fact, you can travel the Trail from end to end in as little as 90 minutes. Please ask one of our golf specialists for more details about playing The Trail.

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