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Project Description

Heather Glen Golf Links

Inspired by the earlier traditions of golf, architects Willard Byrd, Clyde Johnston and a small group of ardent lovers of the game have molded this historic site into a golf course masterpiece just north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The natural beauty of changing elevations, gigantic 100 year old pines, colorful dogwoods, glistening hollies, graceful live oaks, winding streams and brooks (burns) and the lovely Firth of Clyde…all crowned with a 19th Century British-styled clubhouse, have created a showcase evoking the beauty of the renown Scottish golf courses.

Once you play Heather Glen, you will remember the distinctive characteristics of each hole, each green, the unusual bunkers (especially the Devils Mistress!), and heather-laced dunes.

Heather Glen is a course dedicated to the ardent players who appreciate the tradition and beauty of golf.

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