Myrtle Beach Golf Package FAQ

Because we’ve been handling Myrtle Beach golf package for well over 25 years, we’ve heard almost any question that golfers can come up with. We’ve collected the questions about Myrtle Beach golf we hear most often and answered them in the following sections. If you have a question about your golf package, you can either search for the answer below or call one of our golf directors at (800) 368-0045.

Myrtle Beach Golf Price FAQ

We get questions about our Myrtle Beach golf prices most often. If you’d like to compare prices on various Myrtle Beach golf packages or you need to find out how to pay for your package or please visit this section.

The golf price FAQ section includes questions like:

  • What is the typical price of a Myrtle Beach golf package?
  • What is the difference between surcharge and non surcharge golf courses?
  • How can I save money on my Myrtle Beach golf package?
  • Read more golf price questions.

Myrtle Beach Golf Package FAQ

Coastal Golfaway can not only help you get the best price on your Myrtle Beach golf package, we can help you customize your package to fit what you want to do on your vacation. Learn more about customizing your Myrtle Beach golf package in this section.

The Myrtle Beach golf package FAQ section includes questions like:

  • Is it possible to customize Myrtle Beach golf specials?
  • Can I request a golf package quote without filling out the entire form?
  • Do you offer golf packages for single players?
  • Read more golf package questions.

Myrtle Beach Vacation FAQ

Booking a Myrtle Beach golf package can be disorienting for people who have never visited the area before. With so many options to choose from, it can even be confusing for veterans who make annual pilgrimages to the area.

The vacation FAQ section includes questions like:

  • What weather can I expect for my Myrtle Beach golf vacation?
  • What is my drive time to Myrtle Beach?
  • What is your golf rainout policy?
  • Read more golf vacation questions

Myrtle Beach Golf Trip FAQ

While the Myrtle Beach Vacation section features questions that pertain to the area in general, this section features questions specific to golfers. Whether you’re trying to decide which courses to play or you’d like to learn more about Myrtle Beach’s golf dress code, you’ll want to visit this section.

The Golf Trip FAQ section includes questions like:

  • What is the Myrtle Beach golf dress code?
  • What is the difference between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington golf?
  • What is Myrtle Beach’s golf replay policy?
  • Read more golf trip questions.