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Because we’ve been handling Myrtle Beach golf packages for over 20 years, we’ve come across plenty of interesting situations. What happens when an emergency comes up right before the golf vacation? Can single golfers book a golf package through Coastal Golfaway? Is it possible to modify a Myrtle Beach golf special?

If you have questions about your particular Myrtle Beach golf package, chances are good that a similar question has come up before. If you don’t find an answer below that fits your particular situation, please feel free to call a Coastal Golfaway golf guide at (800) 368-0045.

Is it possible to customize your Myrtle Beach golf specials?
For example, the special I’m interested in lists 3 nights and 4 rounds, but we want to stay 4 nights and only play 3 rounds.

Sure it’s possible. If that’s what you want just let us know and we’ll customize a price for you that will fit your needs. It can be 4 nights 3 rounds or possibly 4 nights 6 rounds. The possibilities are endless, which is why we only list the most commonly requested options. When you request your golf package quote, simply let us know what you’d like.

Do you offer Myrtle Beach golf specials for large groups?

Sure! For every twenty golfers, one gets to come for free. This means that if you get 19 friends to come with you, you can come for free on every night and day that you have 20 golfers. With a group of 40, it’s two free for every night and day that you have 40.

What happens if someone in my golf package cancels at the last minute?

Cancellation Policy
We understand that unforeseen circumstances could change your plans. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your travel investment. This protection covers you in the case of unforeseen events that impact your travel plans both before and during your trip (typical cost is 3-6% of package amount). To learn more via the web, follow this link “Insure Your Golf Trip Today…Click Here

If you choose not to purchase travel insurance your golf package may be cancelled up to 14 business days prior to the planned date of arrival less any prepaid fees to the accommodations/courses and a $75.00 processing fee per person. No refunds will be made for unused portions of the package once any part is used, except for COURSE CLOSURES. Refunds will be issued within 60 days of arrival date.

How do I book a Myrtle Beach golf packaage if I am golfing by myself?

The golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area will not allow us to book a guaranteed tee time for a single golfer. Instead, once you get to Myrtle Beach, simply call the course you would like to play. The pro shop should be able to tell you a time to show up to get paired up with someone else. We’ll be happy to discuss Myrtle Beach golf courses with you, but if you’re by yourself there’s no real need to contact us. Even if you’re bringing a non-playing spouse, you still do not need to book a formal golf package through us.

How much would it cost for spouses who don’t play golf to be included in our golf package?

Spouses will not be charged for any golf if they don’t play; therefore, we will gladly arrange a price for any non-golfer based on lodging only, as long as there are some golfers in the group. Non-golfers will be charged as the golfer, if they ride along at the golf course.

Can I book a Myrtle Beach golf package that overlaps specials? In other words, your winter special ends in February and your spring special starts in March. Can I arrive at the end of February and leave in the beginning of March?

Of course you can. We’ll customize the price for your golf package just like we would if you wanted to come and stay at one of our lodging choices that is not listed on a current special promotion. In the example above, we could simply figure 3 nights on the winter special and 3 nights on the spring special.

How can I book a golf package that includes lodging close to the Myrtle Beach golf courses I’m playing?

That’s hard to answer unless you know where you’re playing, but if you look at our accommodations choices you’ll see a brief description of each resort. Next to that will be a brief listing of some Myrtle Beach golf courses that would be convenient to play. Feel free to also check out our detailed Myrtle Beach golf course and accommodation map. It displays every one of our lodging choices and golf courses in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.

Can I book a Myrtle Beach golf package online through Coastal Golfaway without ever contacting a representative via phone or email?

While you can book your entire Myrtle Beach golf package online, we don’t recommend it. At Coastal Golfaway we provide a service. Part of that service is the one-on-one communication with the customer in order to ensure that everything is set up correctly prior to leaving home for the golf vacation. Because our Myrtle Beach golf specialists are friendly and knowledgeable, they can help you consider options and find discounts you’d never think of on your own. Call them at (800) 368-0045 to learn more.

I want to request a free Myrtle Beach golf package quote, but do I really have to fill out all the form fields?

In order to provide you with an accurate Myrtle Beach golf package quote we need as much information about your proposed golf outing as possible. If you don’t know when you want to come or how many days you want to play, our seasonal specials page can give you a good idea of your options. Once your plans become a little more concrete, please feel free to contact us. If you’d like more general information without filling out the entire form, please call us instead at (800) 368-0045.

If you have any other questions about booking a Myrtle Beach golf package, please call one of our experienced specialists at (800) 368-0045.

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