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So you’ve booked your Myrtle Beach golf vacation, you’re counting down the days until you’re standing on one of the area’s famous courses, but you can’t stop thinking of questions. What is the dress code for Myrtle Beach golf? What is Myrtle Beach golf’s replay policy? Should I pack my metal golf spikes?

We’ve listed the most common questions we receive about Myrtle Beach golf below. If you are looking for more specific information or you’d like an answer to a question not listed below, feel free to contact one of our Myrtle Beach golf specialists at (800) 368-0045.

What is the Myrtle Beach golf dress code?

Many Myrtle Beach golf courses do have dress codes. Our suggestion is never wear jeans on your Myrtle Beach golf trip because most courses don’t allow their golfers to play in jeans. If you wear jeans to one of these courses, you’ll have to buy pants from the pro shop prior to your tee time, or you can just go home upset that you arrived at the course without the proper golf attire. To learn more about dress codes at specific courses, call one of our golf specialists at (800) 368-0045.

Are shorts permitted on the courses?

All Myrtle Beach golf courses permit shorts. You may want to keep the shorts at home in January though. Learn more about average monthly temperatures from the Weather Channel. Please, no cut off shorts or jean shorts.

Are soft spikes required to play Myrtle Beach golf?

The vast majority of the courses have a no metal spike policy. It’s best to bring golf shoes with soft spikes. We suggest bringing an extra pair of shoes in case you happen to run into a little rain.

Can I choose to forgo a golf cart when I book my Myrtle Beach golf package?

Carts are required for all Myrtle Beach golf packages.

Can I walk any of the Myrtle Beach golf courses?

You can do a lot of walking if you find a partner who is always willing to drive the golf cart. Just put your golf bag on the golf cart (required), hit a good drive, then proceed down the fairway swiftly and be ready to hit when it’s your turn to play.

What is the difference between Myrtle Beach golf and Wilmington golf?

The biggest difference is that Myrtle Beach has more golf courses to choose from. While Wilmington is a city that happens to have a lot of quality golf choices, Myrtle Beach is more of a destination vacation spot where golf, resorts, hotels and condos are more prominent. Oceanfront accommodations are available in both cases. Both cities will have more than enough excellent golf courses to fill your vacation, so where you choose to stay depends mainly on which city has the golf courses you’re more interested in playing.

Can I play a Wilmington golf course on my way to Myrtle Beach? What if I am staying in Wilmington and would like to play a round in North Myrtle Beach?

Yes, this happens all the time. Due to the fact a lot of our golfers drive to Myrtle Beach via Interstate 40, we usually end up with several groups playing River Landing (a very nice Clyde Johnston golf course that’s located just a half mile off of Interstate 40, 30 minutes north of Wilmington). A golf group might play River Landing around noon, leave the course shortly after 4pm and eat dinner in Myrtle Beach around 6pm. Vice versa, if you’ve booked a Wilmington golf package and want to drive down to the Calabash / North Myrtle Beach area, that can be arranged as well.

You can request a quote for either a Wilmington golf package or a Myrtle Beach golf package by calling us at (800) 368-0045.

What is the geographic center of the Grand Strand Myrtle Beach golf area?

The center of Myrtle Beach golf is probably North Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach Grand Strand area stretches from Georgetown, South Carolina to Southport, North Carolina. About half of the Grand Strand golf courses are north of North Myrtle Beach, and half are south of North Myrtle Beach.

Can I replay my favorite Myrtle Beach golf course?

There are two types of replays available throughout Myrtle Beach: guaranteed replays and replays based on availability.

First we’ll address replays based on availability. After the initial 18 holes (normally a morning round) a lot of golfers decide to play more golf if the weather is nice and everyone is having a good time. If this is what you want to do, just go into pro shop and ask the pro if you can go out and play some more golf. If there is availability they’ll gladly let your group go out if you pay the appropriate replay at the golf shop prior to your replay round. You’ll find that a lot of courses will only charge you a cart fee for a replay round. That’s anywhere from $15 to $20. Some of the premier Myrtle Beach golf courses may charge you a little more than that for a replay.

A guaranteed replay at the same course or a different course in the afternoon can be booked through us, but it will be considered as an extra round of golf. Thus, the golf package can go from a 3-night, 3-round package to a 3-night, 4-round package. Again, this is only on guaranteed Myrtle Beach replays where you have an actual tee time in the afternoon. Guaranteed tee times are recommended with groups of eight or more.

Ask our specialists your questions about Myrtle Beach golf by calling us today at (800) 368-0045.

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