Wilmington Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a land of attraction for many tourists and family vacations. It seems that many times on these vacations, it is difficult to find somewhere that is not only accepting of but also entertaining for children. Keeping a child occupied is one thing, but keeping them driven and engaged is quite the next. If you are looking for a perfect kid friendly vacation that will have them just as thrilled as you are, look into the kid friendly Wilmington Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Highly Rated Wilmington Myrtle Golf Courses in SC

Many Wilmington Myrtle Beach golf courses are considered to be more child friendly than most others in Myrtle Beach. There are a few things which make these locations more kid friendly than others:

  • A course should be stimulating to all who participate regardless of the level at which he/she is playing. If a Wilmington Myrtle Beach golf course can be as equally stimulating and engaging to a professional golfer as it is to a child, it has mastered its job.
  • Means for encouragement: although it is clear that a course will be more difficult for a child than for an adult in most cases, there should be accommodations available to assist children. Golf courses should allow different events, activities, and resources for children to tap into to keep them excited rather than dreading ‘another’ golfing trip.
  • Friendliness: staff members are friendly and welcoming to families that have children.
  • Varying golf times: courses that offer evening and night-time floodlit courses so that your kids can enjoy their golf without worrying about crowds.
  • Distance from vehicles and dwellings: errant drives are not a concern with nothing close-by to be accidentally hit. If this is a major concern, please let the experts at Coastal Golfaway know and they can help you find the perfect Wilmington Myrtle Beach golf course.

A highly recommended option that you should consider for your kids who are 16 years and under is the ‘Kids Play Free’ program. When accompanied by an adult, this initiative at kid friendly golf courses in Myrtle Beach is a way to introduce juniors to golf, while at the same time contributing to the creation of a family-friendly vacation atmosphere.  In the same tradition, the Summer Family Golf Tournaments also allow children 16 years or younger to play free with a paying adult.

Check out the golf courses in Wilmington Myrtle Beach to have a family fun time, which offers both programs and courses for not only mums and dads, but also for golf-happy kids. Experience incentives such as Myrtle Beach golf multi-round discounts or even Myrtle Beach golf free replays to keep your vacation less expensive, better planned for even more enjoyment, and of course, more golf with the family.