Golf Resorts In South Carolina & Myrtle Beach

At Coastal Golf Away, we help our customers book amazing golf vacations at beautiful golf resorts in South Carolina, all at major discounted rates. We have access to over one hundred of the most spectacular golf resorts in Myrtle Beach. With exquisite scenic views and lush terrains, you will have the opportunity to experience golfing at its best. Included in the golf vacation packages offered throughout our company are your choices of the golf resorts that we work with, all green fees, cart fees, taxes and luxurious accommodations that are available within the area you choose for your golf experience. Many of our customers are so happy with the qualify of golf resorts in South Carolina that we offer, they take advantage of the experience year after year.

Individuals that have already booked their vacation plans to the Myrtle Beach area, or that currently reside near this area, can select a golf only package available through Coastal Golf Away. These packages include the same great selections of golf resorts in South Carolina that you will find in the vacation packages, as well as all of the green fees, cart fees and taxes. The prices are discounted tremendously from their actual retail value, and are therefore less costly than purchasing rounds of golf directly through the golf resorts. We are simply the best choice for those looking to find the best value on golf resorts in Myrtle Beach!

For individuals that are not sure of which golf resorts in South Carolina will prove to be the most memorable experience for them, simply enlist the help of the golf resort specialists that are on staff at Coastal Golf Away. These experts have all of the knowledge about each of the resorts available to our customers. When informed of the customer’s desired golfing experience they can help provide suggestions that will deliver results and create a wonderful golfing vacation.