Myrtle Beach Golf Course Maintenance Schedules 2011

2012 Proposed Aerification Schedule

Aerification or aeration is a necessary evil in golf. As golfers walk across a green through the course of a year, the ground gets compacted to the point where oxygen is unable to get to the grass’s roots. If left unchecked, this process will eventually cause the grass to die. Through aerification, groundskeepers punch tiny holes into a green to break up the ground, ensuring oxygen will continue to reach the grass’s roots.

Most Myrtle Beach golf courses have aerification scheduled twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall – while some just schedule one session during the summer. When planning your Myrtle Beach golf vacation, one of the things you should consider is when aerification will occur. If the course is aerated the day you plan on playing it, the ball could behave very erratically on the greens. Aerification will not make a course unplayable, but it will make it, at the very least, irritating.

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