New Golf Apps

Many golf experts are scared over the lack of millennial golfers. But in my opinion not enough is being done to attract, and keep millennials involved in the game of golf. Many marketing efforts are done on archaic technology, and do not know how to garner and maintain our interest. However two golf apps are doing big things to get millennial golfers involved and playing together.

The first is GolfMatch, an application for golfers looking to find games and see who is nearby in the area. It is great for people new to cities or who do not belong to a Club that are looking for weekly public games. Not only is it great for finding games, but posting pictures and videos highlighting your round. Every day people are posting for tips, cool courses they’ve played or new equipment they’ve tried. This one of the most useful golf apps on the market.

Another app hitting the scene for golfers is GottaGolf. Gotta golf is like a digital Country Club, where you can set up group outings right online. They are still in beta form however they are running a pretty cool giveaway to get golfers to sign up. They are having a golf giveaway where you can play with Paige Spiranac at Pebble Beach. Here is the link for that:

For those in Wilmington, North Carolina we also have the Wilmington Golf App which is your center for Wilmington Golf Tournaments, Instruction, and general golf information in the area. Not only does it have a variety of golf specials but also lets you know what are the best watering holes after your round.

So give these golf apps a download and play with them for a few days at the very least you might be able to find some people to play with! When you get those groups together give us a call here at Coastal Golfaway and we will be happy to book you a golf trip!